Job Offer During Your Divorce? Don’t Be Afraid To Take The Job!

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Marcy hadn’t worked in four years and suddenly was faced with an amazing six-figure job offer – but the offer came right in the middle of her extremely nasty divorce. “Should I take it?” she asked. “What about child support? Alimony? Custody?” My answer was absolutely YES – take the job! Here are my top 6 reasons why you should take the job, regardless of your divorce:

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Divorce Is Not Revenge.

www.TheDivorceArtist.comA client that I’ll call “Tanya” had a problem. Her husband was not only sleeping with her best friend, but he ran up more than $35k in credit card debt to take his affair on a trip to Thailand. Tanya was humiliated and angry. “I have done everything for him and the kids while he’s been parading around his girlfriend — my best friend — behind my back!” she said. “He needs to pay for this; I want revenge.” Revenge. Payback. Vengeance. What better place than a divorce court to get revenge on your spouse, right?

But this was Tanya’s real problem: divorce is not revenge. And divorce court is absolutely not the place to seek retribution. Surprised? Here are my top 5 reasons why divorce is not the place to get revenge on your spouse: Continue reading “Divorce Is Not Revenge.”

Men: The True Price of a Bad Divorce?

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The other day at lunch a client was telling me that he couldn’t figure out what he did wrong: “I never cheated. I never drank. I never hit her,” he lamented. “What happened? Why is she so angry?”

I see it all the time: male clients completely surprised when their wives ask for a divorce. More importantly, when the case turns nasty — often involving family offense allegations or arrest — male clients might lose advantages that they had going into a case. Bad divorces can cost you time with the kids and extra money in support and legal fees.

Here are my top tips for men to help avoid the price-tag of a contentious divorce and strive to find an amicable solution: Continue reading “Men: The True Price of a Bad Divorce?”

January: Divorce month

Divorce? You aren’t alone. Statistics show that January through March each year there’s a surge in Divorce filings. Questions? You can contact me 24/7 through my online schedule system at 

Ins and Outs of Madonna’s Custody Fight & The #1 Thing She Can Do To Win

Pic: Not Madonna, but I think she’d approve the nail polish color.

By all accounts, Madonna is entrenched in a custody battle over her 15-year old son Rocco Ritchie, who is refusing to leave his father’s home in the U.K. and return to Madge’s care in New York City. The pop icon’s lawyers filed a motion against dad Guy Ritchie in the New York Supreme Court for New York County and a hearing is set for early March before the Hon. Judge Deborah Kaplan, according to the court’s website.

The case has the entertainment world abuzz with gossip about why Rocco doesn’t want to come home. Toss in public comments from Madonna’s camp accusing dad of “brainwashing” their son spinning up the sordid battle, which is typical of most custody cases. Here’s my take-away and my #1 tip for how Madonna can win her case: Continue reading “Ins and Outs of Madonna’s Custody Fight & The #1 Thing She Can Do To Win”

Huffington Post: The 1 Thing That Made Kelly Rutherford Lose Custody

huffpoMy piece about Kelly Rutherford’s continued custody trouble with her ex-Daniel Giersch has generated much discussion over on the Huffington Post.

Custodial parents must look out for the best interests of their children, and one of the most important of those interests is having a relationship with the other parent.

Do you agree? Should the children be returned to the US? Has the U.S. Court system been fair? If you are following the story, tell us your view in the comments.

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As featured on the Huffpo: My Top Five Things Dads Should Know Before Setting Foot in Court

huffpostWhat happens when an actively involved dad is faced with a nasty, contentious custody battle?

When I say “active dad,” we are talking about more than changing a few diapers: you attend to the emotional needs of your kids and are genuinely involved in caretaking, potty training, homework, and tantrums. You’re involved in a real, meaningful way, and you intend to continue that involvement.

Here are the top five things that active fathers should know before they set foot in a courtroom — or click here to join the discussion on the Huffington Post.

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