How To Cope With Adultery and Divorce

depositphotos_3092850_originalThis week I spoke with the smart and financially savvy Emma Johnson, over at her blog about the problem with adultery from a divorce attorney’s perspective. The gist: courts won’t compensate you for a broken heart.

When there is infidelity, settlements are all but impossible, rationale goes out the window, and contention runs higher than in other matrimonial dissolution cases.

“That betrayal colors every single part of the divorce process, and makes it so much harder for the cheated-on spouse to be reasonable,” said New York City family attorney Morghan Richardson.

One of the most difficult conversations I have with clients can be dealing with their expectations because of a cheating spouse. Divorce can be an emotionally devastating experience. Adultery can make it much worse. But at the end of the day clients need to realize that the courts will do little about the reasons WHY you are getting divorced. Letting go of that emotional hurt can help get you to a fair agreement and move forward with your life.

Read Johnson’s take here: How To Deal With Divorce When Your Husband Cheated

Did your spouse cheat? How did the court handle that part of your case? Discuss in the comments.

Worst Divorce Case? I talk to Woman’s Day about the “Perfect Storm” of Divorce Cases

Perfect storm of a divorce


There are many things that can make a divorce case horrible: emotional or obsessive clients who were not emotionally or financially prepared for a divorce; domestic violence; vindictive spouses who just want to punish the other person; children who are caught in the middle and witness too much; and creative lawyer-ing that can involve many courts and run up the cost and time frame of the case.

This week I spoke to Woman’s Day about one of my worst divorce cases, it was a “perfect storm: everything that could go wrong did go wrong.” Of course some of the small details and names are changed to keep it confidential. Once my firm got involved, we ended up turning the tables and getting our client the best outcome.

The story can be found at: 11 Divorce Lawyers Share Their Craziest Stories

“These tales make standard joint-custody cases look like a walk in the park.”

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Divorce Word of the Day: Comingle (don’t turn separate property into marital!)

My Divorce Word of the Day is: Comingle! The quick explanation? This word means you’ve combined your separate property with marital property. The result? You might have turned your separate stuff into marital stuff! I talk more about this here:

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Kim and Kanye: These 5 Things May Cause Their Marriage To Fail (& How To Avoid It!)


Divorce rumors are stirring for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West following several public appearances in New York City last week where the couple traveled in support of West’s Yeezy 3 Fashion Show and a performance on Saturday Night Live. Photos of the couple around town are being characterized as stressful to say the least – no one is smiling.

Adding fuel to the fire, West’s various tweets during the week and prior to performing on SNL included a bomb that he is “53 million dollars in personal debt”. West also tweeted about Kylie Jenner’s endorsement with Puma, and claimed that Bill Cosby is innocent. Sources told Radar Online that Kardashian was not pleased with West’s recent behavior. Kardashian, meanwhile, posted a video on social media on February 14 that hinted of marital problems.

But both should have a reason to smile: his newly released album, despite the dubious lyrics aimed at Taylor Swift, is already garnering high praise.

Regardless whether the couple’s antics signal true marital problems or are simply more publicity ploys, in my experience as a divorce lawyer signs are pointing to the perfect relationship storm. To be clear, I am a divorce attorney but I do not represent Kardashian or West and I’ve relied on news media reports of their relationship. Here are the top 5 reasons Kimye’s marriage might be headed for an epic breakdown (and how you can avoid their mistakes):
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Ins and Outs of Madonna’s Custody Fight & The #1 Thing She Can Do To Win

Pic: Not Madonna, but I think she’d approve the nail polish color.

By all accounts, Madonna is entrenched in a custody battle over her 15-year old son Rocco Ritchie, who is refusing to leave his father’s home in the U.K. and return to Madge’s care in New York City. The pop icon’s lawyers filed a motion against dad Guy Ritchie in the New York Supreme Court for New York County and a hearing is set for early March before the Hon. Judge Deborah Kaplan, according to the court’s website.

The case has the entertainment world abuzz with gossip about why Rocco doesn’t want to come home. Toss in public comments from Madonna’s camp accusing dad of “brainwashing” their son spinning up the sordid battle, which is typical of most custody cases. Here’s my take-away and my #1 tip for how Madonna can win her case: Continue reading “Ins and Outs of Madonna’s Custody Fight & The #1 Thing She Can Do To Win”

Moms: Avoid This #1 Custody Mistake.

source- started sobbing: “He says he’s going to get custody of the kids if I ask for a divorce!” she wailed. She wasn’t the first mom who heard this threat from her soon-to-be-ex. But I’m always surprised when the threat resonates such fear. Here you are a perfectly good mom, quaking in your shoes because dad says he’s better than you. Why? I believe part of that fear comes from Mom-guilt: deep down you don’t think you are a good enough mother. Here is my take on mom-guilt and how to take charge of it and avoid the #1 custody mistake. Continue reading “Moms: Avoid This #1 Custody Mistake.”