Men: The True Price of a Bad Divorce?

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The other day at lunch a client was telling me that he couldn’t figure out what he did wrong: “I never cheated. I never drank. I never hit her,” he lamented. “What happened? Why is she so angry?”

I see it all the time: male clients completely surprised when their wives ask for a divorce. More importantly, when the case turns nasty — often involving family offense allegations or arrest — male clients might lose advantages that they had going into a case. Bad divorces can cost you time with the kids and extra money in support and legal fees.

Here are my top tips for men to help avoid the price-tag of a contentious divorce and strive to find an amicable solution: Continue reading “Men: The True Price of a Bad Divorce?”

Top Financial Failures That Can Lead To Divorce

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How do you talk dirty? For some reason, talking about money can feel dirty. People avoid it, especially in romantic relationships because it can lead to arguments. One of the benefits of marriage is the financial advantage of two incomes and shared expenses. When couples cannot have the “dirty money” talk, their marriage suffers, resentment and distrust builds and the relationship fails.

Here are the three types of relationship “money” failures that I frequently see in my office: Continue reading “Top Financial Failures That Can Lead To Divorce”

Top 5 Tips: How To Prepare For Your Divorce In The New Year

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As the holidays wind down, statistics show that the start of the New Year brings a spike in the number of new divorce filings. In fact, divorce lawyers call the first working Monday in January “Divorce Day,” due to the increased number of calls. Best estimates reveal that one in five married couples is considering divorce after the holidays Continue reading “Top 5 Tips: How To Prepare For Your Divorce In The New Year”

Waiting for the Holidays to Divorce? You Aren’t Alone.


This holiday season, you are thinking: “Just one more time.” One more time around your mother-in-law’s nasty snide comments; one more draining day of yule-tide “merriment”; and one last New Year’s hurrah. After the confetti settles, the weight of the relationship will be too much. In fact, the stress could do you in. So you will say “never again,” and spend the next year (or more) getting divorced. And you are not alone. Continue reading “Waiting for the Holidays to Divorce? You Aren’t Alone.”

Questions About Your New York Divorce?

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Ode To My Ex-Husband (Letting Go Of Anger After Divorce)

Ode To My Ex-Husband (Letting Go Of Anger After Divorce)

My new blog effort was recently picked up by the HuffPost, so I thought I would share it here as well. How does one get over a divorce? You can read my personal story here on the Huffington Post or after the jump:  Continue reading “Ode To My Ex-Husband (Letting Go Of Anger After Divorce)”