New York Outlaws “Revenge Porn”


In an amazing move to support victims of “Revenge Porn” — the sharing or posting of naked or sexually suggestive photos or videos — the State legislature approved a bill outlawing the same.

“As a divorce and family law attorney, I know first hand how difficult these situations can be, and having this additional tool will be tremendous for my clients,” said Morghan Richardson, a partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP in Manhattan.

“This bill is a triumph for victims who have been unable to get law-enforcement or the courts to act to provide protection and recourse to have the revenge-porn removed from websites.”

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Divorce Financing Options: Creative Ways to Fund Your Case

wsm-header-eEarlier this week, Financial blogger Emma Johnson — who writes at — penned an interesting piece about financing options for women who may be trapped in bad marriages with no way to finance a divorce. Continue reading “Divorce Financing Options: Creative Ways to Fund Your Case”

When Enough Is Enough: Saying No To Domestic Violence | By Rachel Goldenberg


By Rachel Goldenberg, an associate attorney at the offices of Richardson Legal PLLC. Ms. Goldenberg is chronicling her experiences as a young lawyer on the Times of Israel blog. 


There are a lot of things they teach you in law school. They teach you to be an advocate but not to take on your clients’ issues as your own. They teach you to be selective and not retain every client who walks through your door. They teach you to take cases you can handle and those you can “sort of” handle so that you can learn from them. But even with all of these “lessons,” nothing really prepares you for that first client who gets to you.

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