Forbes: Will The Ashley Madison Hack Result In New Divorce Cases?


The threats to publicly out 37 million users of the online cheating service whose information was hacked from’s servers are raising questions among divorce service professionals and marriage counselors alike. Could the public display of people seeking affairs result in more divorce filings? How will those individuals named be harmed in a divorce? I spoke with Emma Johnson, a financial reporter with Forbes, about the issue: Continue reading “Forbes: Will The Ashley Madison Hack Result In New Divorce Cases?”

Interview: Divorce is a luxury | Emma Johnson

wsm-header-eEarlier this week, Financial blogger Emma Johnson — who writes at, and runs a popular podcast called “Earn Like a Mother” — and I spoke about the idea that Divorce is a luxury. Continue reading “Interview: Divorce is a luxury | Emma Johnson”

How Women Prepare For Divorce: Interview @First Wives World

logo_fwwFirst Wives World recently contacted me to discuss my thoughts on how women can better prepare themselves for divorce, including how to look for the right divorce attorney.

Here is an excerpt from that interview (or read the full interview here):  Continue reading “How Women Prepare For Divorce: Interview @First Wives World”

Secrets To Hiring A Divorce Attorney (That Divorce Attorneys Don’t Want You To Know)


You just started your search for the right divorce lawyer. Odds are you have heard more opinions on the subject than you care for – after all, this is like finding a dentist for a root canal, isn’t it? But what are some secrets to hiring a divorce attorney that lawyers don’t always want to discuss? At the risk of getting some dirty looks from my fellow lawyers at the next Bar Association meeting, here are my top five tips that you should know when hiring a divorce lawyer:

Continue reading “Secrets To Hiring A Divorce Attorney (That Divorce Attorneys Don’t Want You To Know)”