Vlog: Prenup Season is Here!


Forget March Madness – Prenup Season is here!

We are a few months out from summer wedding season, which means that the time to talk prenups. Talking about it now will give you time to consider the agreement, negotiations and hopefully not add to the pressure you might be experiencing as the wedding draws near.

Why get a prenup? A typical prenup sets out what is viewed as marital property and what will remain separate property. It addresses who gets financial support and how much.

In this short Vlog I talk about reasons why to get a prenup, reasons why prenups can be overturned, and some interesting things you might want to put in your agreement.


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New York Outlaws “Revenge Porn”


In an amazing move to support victims of “Revenge Porn” — the sharing or posting of naked or sexually suggestive photos or videos — the State legislature approved a bill outlawing the same.

“As a divorce and family law attorney, I know first hand how difficult these situations can be, and having this additional tool will be tremendous for my clients,” said Morghan Richardson, a partner at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP in Manhattan.

“This bill is a triumph for victims who have been unable to get law-enforcement or the courts to act to provide protection and recourse to have the revenge-porn removed from websites.”

Here is the quick run-down on what you need to know:  Continue reading “New York Outlaws “Revenge Porn””

He Said/She Said: Should We Separate? Tips From a Marriage Counselor and Divorce Lawyer


In our second installment of He Said/She Said on the Huffington Post, marriage counselor Aaron Anderson and I disagree about whether couples should have a trial separation: 

When it comes to test-driving a separation everyone has an opinion, but no one disagrees more than your marriage counselor and your divorce attorney. A trial separation is one of the most challenging decisions a couple can make when facing hard relationship problems. Couples often struggle with questions like “What will we tell the kids?,” “Is it healthy to try and stay in the same house?” and “What are the legal consequences if I move?”

With so many questions to address, Denver marriage counselor Aaron Anderson advises couples that it’s healthier to separate during the divorce but New York divorce attorney Morghan Richardson advises against a move-out. Here’s why in their latest he said/she said: Continue reading “He Said/She Said: Should We Separate? Tips From a Marriage Counselor and Divorce Lawyer”

The Dirty Money Conversation: Marital Financial Failures That Cause Divorce

dirty money rollFor some reason, talking about money can feel dirty. People avoid it, especially in romantic relationships because it can lead to arguments. One of the benefits of marriage is the financial advantage of two incomes and shared expenses. When couples cannot have the “dirty money” talk, their marriage suffers, resentment and distrust builds and the relationship fails.

Here are the three types of relationship “money” failures that I frequently see in my office:   Continue reading “The Dirty Money Conversation: Marital Financial Failures That Cause Divorce”