3 Myths About Starting Your Divorce (and the Actual Truth)


Joan was a mess: tears streamed down her face carrying trails of mascara with them. Her hair was matted in the back and she clenched a bag of papers. “I can’t tell you where we are at here if you won’t hand me what you received,” I reminded her. Reluctantly she showed me the Summons.

“He’s divorcing me!” Joan bawled. “How dare he give me these papers at dinner – it was supposed to be a talk about our future!” Poor Joan had a right to be angry. But there was one, small technical problem: “That wasn’t a valid way to start the divorce,” I told her. Why did I say that? After the jump: Continue reading “3 Myths About Starting Your Divorce (and the Actual Truth)”

“You’ve been served”: what it means and how it happens


“You’ve been served!.”

Picture this: a cheating spouse kisses a lover goodbye, leaves an illicit apartment and starts walking to work, when suddenly a man jumps out of the bushes, slaps paper in the hand and says “You’ve been served!”  This is how it happens in the movies but generally what does it mean? Continue reading ““You’ve been served”: what it means and how it happens”