Worst Divorce Case? I talk to Woman’s Day about the “Perfect Storm” of Divorce Cases

Perfect storm of a divorce


There are many things that can make a divorce case horrible: emotional or obsessive clients who were not emotionally or financially prepared for a divorce; domestic violence; vindictive spouses who just want to punish the other person; children who are caught in the middle and witness too much; and creative lawyer-ing that can involve many courts and run up the cost and time frame of the case.

This week I spoke to Woman’s Day about one of my worst divorce cases, it was a “perfect storm: everything that could go wrong did go wrong.” Of course some of the small details and names are changed to keep it confidential. Once my firm got involved, we ended up turning the tables and getting our client the best outcome.

The story can be found at: 11 Divorce Lawyers Share Their Craziest Stories

“These tales make standard joint-custody cases look like a walk in the park.”

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