Questions About Your New York Divorce?

Not sure about your rights in a New York Divorce case? Morghan Richardson, Esq. has navigated every type of divorce — from the most friendly divorce settlement to the hardest fought divorce trials.
Morghan understands every aspect of the divorce process and works hard to provide personal attention to your case. She is aggressive when necessary and sensitive to each client’s preferences.
No two divorce cases are exactly alike. Morghan will address each case with extensive knowledge and resources, empowering clients to make the best possible decisions.

Morghan frequently works with experts, including forensic accountants, business appraisers and real estate specialists, to ensure that property division and other aspects of a divorce are conducted fairly and in the client’s best interest.

Morghan’s track-record for client satisfaction is our highest priority. Divorce is more than just a legal issue, this is your life.


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