Interview: Business Insider

Divorce court is normally quiet during the holiday season, but this year it’s booming as the pandemic drives couples apart.

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  • Divorce lawyers told Insider the nature of the pandemic has led to feelings of desperation and contempt and pushed couples to ignore previous holiday niceties.

I spoke with Business Insider about the continued high rates in divorce when in most years there is a holiday lull; but 2020 is giving no breaks as the rate continues to soar:

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Interview: Real Simple

Divorce rates are expected to jump significantly in the second half of 2020โ€”and thatโ€™s coming at a time when we can least afford it. Plus, how to divorce when money is tight.

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I spoke with Real Simple about the rising divorce rates and difficulties that couples are experiencing divorcing during a pandemic:

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Why Rushing Your Divorce Can Give You Heartburn (And Cost You Money!)

โ€œI wantlarger to be done with this! Why is this divorce taking so long?!โ€ said every divorce client ever. While there is nothing wrong with a quick and friendly divorce, there are many times that rushing the legal process wonโ€™t help end your emotional pain. In fact, rushing your case may cost you more money in after-the-fact fixes. Here are my top 4 reasons why you should not rush your divorce:

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Top Six Reasons You Should Take The Job Despite Your Divorce

calculatorMarcy hadnโ€™t worked in four years and suddenly was faced with an amazing six-figure job offer โ€“ but the offer came right in the middle of her extremely nasty divorce. โ€œShould I take it?โ€ she asked. โ€œWhat about child support? Alimony? Custody?โ€ My answer was absolutely YES โ€“ take the job! Here are my top 6 reasons why you should take the job, regardless of your divorce: Continue reading “Top Six Reasons You Should Take The Job Despite Your Divorce”