Courts Tell Stay-at-Home-Moms to “Get to Work”


Earlier this week, Financial blogger Emma Johnson — who writes at Wealthy Single Mommy (dot) com — and I discussed the continued, growing trend in New York City courts: judges telling stay-at-home-moms to “get back to work.”  As one judge said during a hearing last week: “Just because you were a care-taker for a time, doesn’t excuse you from supporting yourself.”  While some women are able to creatively navigate such a big transition, others fail miserably, ending up in low-paid jobs.  How can SAHMs protect themselves while still staying-home with their kids? Watch our discussion:


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Courts to stay-at-home-moms: “Get a job!”

Family and divorce courts are increasingly telling stay-at-home-moms to get back to work.  Watch me speak with financial & single mom blogger Emma Johnson about the issue here: