Courts Tell Stay-at-Home-Moms to “Get to Work”


Earlier this week, Financial blogger Emma Johnson — who writes at Wealthy Single Mommy (dot) com — and I discussed the continued, growing trend in New York City courts: judges telling stay-at-home-moms to “get back to work.”  As one judge said during a hearing last week: “Just because you were a care-taker for a time, doesn’t excuse you from supporting yourself.”  While some women are able to creatively navigate such a big transition, others fail miserably, ending up in low-paid jobs.  How can SAHMs protect themselves while still staying-home with their kids? Watch our discussion:



Emma Johnson, a financial journalist and mommy blogger writes: 


My friend Morghan Richardson, a family lawyer in Astoria, Queens, New York, says that women are often stunned to hear their soon-to-be ex-husbands confess that they never really wanted her to abandon their careers and stay home. And they are confused, and, again stunned, to hear divorce and child support judges demand women work full time — no matter how many or how little their children are.

In other words: You can argue all day long that staying at home raising children is a full time job. But the legal system decides and it disagrees. So does your husband.


Read the original article here:

Were you forced to “get a job” during your divorce? Share your story in the comments. 


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