Expert Check-in: Criminal Law Analysis of Felony Charges Against Congressman Grimm


In continued media coverage over the criminal charges against Congressman Michael Grimm indictments, I had the chance to chat with the folks over at Brooklyn Brief, a new blog covering civic and political issues.

Having practiced in multiple federal courts, and carrying our own small criminal caseload (generally ancillary to divorce cases), I provide my analysis of the federal felony charges against the congressman.  Despite the likely ubiquity of the activities alleged in the restaurant industry, as I explain, the claim that the congressman maintained two sets of records was enough for prosecutors to confidently move forward.

Walking the streets of New York City, there are small businesses crammed in every block dealing with these same issues. For the most part, general knowledge prevails that this type of under-reporting and cash payment activity is a wide-spread problem, particularly in industries like the restaurant business, where you have disposable inventory (e.g. food goes bad), low-expectations from unskilled workers, and frankly, lots of cash. Generally, it is extremely difficult – if not impossible – for the government to determine how much cash is changing hands in these types of cases.


This article is part of a series featured on Brooklyn Brief. Read the original piece here: Grimm indictment analysis: ‘You can beat the rap, but not the ride.’

Do you think the indictments were politically motivated? Will Congressman Grimm’s career suffer serious damage as part of the fall-out? Discuss in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Expert Check-in: Criminal Law Analysis of Felony Charges Against Congressman Grimm

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