That Special Time of Year: Holidays Mean Waiting To Divorce

This article about people suffering through the holidays is one of my favorite looks at perspectives. Lately, I’ve met several people anxious to get started on their own cases before the holidays, stating that they can’t sit through one more miserable turkey dinner or New Year. Do you think waiting through the holidays or pulling the plug is the better alternative? Discuss in the comments.

The Divorce Artist™️


This holiday season, you are thinking: “Just one more time.” One more time around your mother-in-law’s nasty snide comments; one more draining day of yule-tide “merriment”; and one last New Year’s hurrah. After the confetti settles, the weight of the relationship will be too much. In fact, the stress could do you in. So you will say “never again,” and spend the next year (or more) getting divorced. And you are not alone.

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