Interview: Child Support and Divorce: 8 Experts Give Their Best Advice

value questionA number of divorce professionals — including yours truly — spoke with Glass Jacobson’s Divorce Advisory Group about top tips in dealing with child support during your divorce. My number one tip:

“Negotiating a settlement out of court keeps a world of creative options on the table for the parents of divorce. You will continue to be parents together long after the divorce is over and the lawyers are gone. When Mom and Dad aren’t fighting over support, everyone is a little nicer and the kids benefit.” — Morghan Richardson

Some other gems of wisdom from the article:

1) remember that child support only covers the bare minimum, not extras;

2) keep the kids out of the process – don’t talk to them about the money;

3) let go of resentment over paying and/or be gracious if you receive support — this will help you become better co-parents.

Read the full article here: 

Child Support and Divorce: 8 Experts Give Their Best Advice

Are you fighting about child support in your divorce? Discuss in the comments.


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