Top 5 Lessons From a Divorce in Space


Astronaut Anne McClain is facing the first allegation of a crime committed in space, reports The New York Times. McClain’s estranged wife, Summer Worden, accused the astronaut of accessing her bank account while on a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station. The pair have been in the midst of a separation and custody dispute over their young son for the majority of the past year, according to The Times.

Here are my divorce lessons from this story:

  1. Change your bank passwords (and any passwords you may have shared with your spouse – hello email, Instagram, Facebook, phone lock!) before your divorce or as soon as possible once your case starts.
  2. Even a “rocket scientist” can’t avoid missteps in her divorce, so feel better about how you are handling your case.
  3. If you need to help your ex- pay the bills or check that there’s money in the account, contact your lawyer so that we can make sure you get credit for being a good person (as opposed to being accused of an international space crime for logging in yourself).
  4. Recognize that your emotions may cloud your judgment before you decide to blow up your spouse’s job and reputation. For example, if McClain loses her job with NASA over this domestic situation, her ex- will actually have harmed her own position. Why? Because the support calculations will be different when she’s unemployed, and she’ll likely take a job that frees her up from these long stints in space (which probably impacts custody and access time – now she can spend more time with their child). When your emotions are running high, contact your lawyer, not the press.
  5. Don’t log on to your ex’s account from the space station cuz we see that IPO. ✨

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