Only Divorce During Covid-19 Pandemic in Manhattan


For the last two weeks, I made several stops into Court on 60 Centre Street to get a divorce judgment signed — normally that would be unremarkable, but the Coronavirus pandemic closures turned the routine into a complicated situation. The story was picked up by the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail.

Because of privacy issues, I can’t get into the details of my client’s case, only to say that her situation went from urgent to emergency during the last month. Fortunately, even when times are tough, there are good people willing to help — especially in New York City. Judges have been pushed to working from home, but they are still compassionate. The Clerk’s Office has been down to a minimal crew, but they are still going the extra mile. I am grateful to work among such amazing individuals, willing to give their best to help in a crisis.

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Read more about my adventure achieving this divorce in the Daily Mail:

New York couple are granted the ONLY divorce in Manhattan during coronavirus lockdown after judge determines it was an ’emergency situation’


Sending my best,

— The Divorce Artist



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