Forbes: How Your Spouse’s Ashley Madison Account Can Impact Your Divorce

confused-businessmanNow that hackers leaked the email addresses of 37 million users of Ashley Madison, the dating service for married people in search of an affair, how will the public release of such private information impact your divorce?  I spoke with Emma Johnson, a financial reporter with Forbes, about the issue:

“People are struggling to deal with how this information may impact their divorce and their life — if at all,” says divorce attorney Morghan Richardson. “I often hear from the wronged spouse: ‘I knew he was cheating! Now that I have proof I can get the house, the kids, the …’” says Richardson. The reality is that most states have no-fault divorce laws. That means that a judge doesn’t care why you are splitting up. Their job is to make sure that the money is split fairly and custody and visitation are in the best interest of the kids. In cases of infidelity, the “wronged” spouse is so hurt and angry, they assume that a judge will take that into consideration. They won’t.  On the other hand, it is common that the cheating spouse will feel so guilty, or won’t want the divorce, or be afraid of losing face to friends and family that they concede to their husband or wife’s demands.  Guilt is a powerful negotiating tool in divorce.

Read the full article about the top asked questions (and ways in which catching your spouse pants down could impact your divorce):

How Your Spouse’s Ashley Madison Account Can Impact Your Divorce

Remember: the discovery of an affair may not contribute much to the legal process involved in your divorce, but it certainly increases the emotional pain and hurt, which can lead to a higher priced divorce. Don’t let your emotions drive the cost of the case.

Have questions about how the hack will impact your divorce? Discuss in the comments.


One thought on “Forbes: How Your Spouse’s Ashley Madison Account Can Impact Your Divorce

  1. It is interesting to see that even though we can feel justified in hurting the other person, that in the end we are only hurting ourselves. I agree with you about legal fees. If you are trying to raise the other’s legal fee’s, you also may get charged extra from your lawyer.


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